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The World Through My Sister’s Eyes

Watching a human being grow is one of the greatest joys in life. Knowing the world before they entered it and watching them become a person with feelings, thoughts, views, likes, dislikes, fears and hopes is just breathtaking. My youngest sister was born on January 17th, 1997. In true Sierra fashion, she took her time. She made my and my other two siblings get up at 6 a.m., because she decided she was going to start pushing my mother from the inside and not actually come into the world until 11 a.m. I always teased her about that, because EVERYONE knows I am so not a morning person. I’m like, “you couldn’t be born at like 9 p.m., that would have been better”. But at 15 she is an artstic, giving and beautiful soul. I asked if her she wanted to be part of my blog and she was very excited. She said she felt famous. But I want the world to know Ms. Sierra Rose Moreno before she becomes famous. Because frankly my lil’ sis, is going places.

Q: What’s one thing people think of teenagers that is false?

A: That we don’t know anything and that were just kids! Okay this is BS. First of all being in high school now is scary.  You never know who has a gun; you never know who’s doing it in the bathroom;you never know who’s smoking or doing drugs; you never know who has a knife.  Us teens battle our lives every time we step onto our high school campus.  Yeah some schools are safe but you got to make sure you feel safe . If you don’t then you know something can go wrong any second, but people think teens are trouble and annoying but truth is were scared for our lives. You may not see us tomorrow.

Q: If you can change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?

A: If I could change one thing in the world I would choose to make the carbon dioxide levels go down.

Q: Would you rather be famous for your looks, brains or heart?

A:  Heart, I tend to put people before me like, friends family first. I have a big heart.

Q: Where do you see yourself at 18, 21 and 30?

A: Where do I  see myself at 18…,ummm getting into college and finding a place to live and just having fun. At 21 I see myself in Vegas. I’ll be able to drink, haha. But still going to work and college. At 30, I see myself married with 4 kids and with a good job. I don’t want kids after 30 gross hahaha.

Q: In a movie will you be the star or best friend?

A:  STAR! I would want to have most of the attention, ha who wouldn’t?

Q: Final question, describe yourself in one sentence.

A: I am strong and I will fight for myself if it needs to go there. I am me and no one can take my nerdy, bitchy, funny, loving place. (okay Sierra that is 2 sentences.)

At the end of the day my little sister will always be my little sister. But knowing that she has so many gifts to offer to the world at such a young age makes me very proud to be her big sis. I am very excited to see what the next 15 years will bring.

Love, Peace and Whole Lot of Hugs,

– Nicole

Kindness Goes A Long Way

Hello World,

This will be a brief posting. I currently went through a two month job search. Searching for a job that will lead me into a career in non-profit work. During this time, I took a lot of time to reflect on my career and personal life. What I started to notice was all the help I was receiving. I realized that my relationships with people were my biggest asset. Right after that was my own personal drive.

My friends were there to tell me about jobs and I received job information on a daily basis. Some of these people I just met two months ago, but they still wanted to help. I am so gratified for all of the friends and acquaintances that simply wanted to help without expecting something in return. I also used this time to build my relationships with like-minded professionals. I volunteer more, went back into writing articles, worked on my website and worked on my LinkedIn profile.

At the end of this search, I came into a wonderful position with a top-notch non-profit. I also saw the value of being kind to people. A genuine kindness makes the world a cohesive place. To everyone that helped me out during this time, this blog post is dedicated to you.

Love, Peace and Whole Lot of Hugs,

– Nicole

“Hustle” – Introducing Melanie Goodwin

The best part about life is meeting new people and learning their life story. I met Melanie in February and at first glance you think she is a sweet, driven girl from Dallas. But there is a lot more to her, and at 31 she has some good career advice for this 26-year-old. I thought I might share that advice with you all.

Melanie Goodwin is an event coordinator for In Good Company. She knew she wanted to be an event coordinator after graduating from college.

“I was studying hospitality management and theatre at college and read an article on décor companies that built huge props and transformed ballrooms into different worlds for events. I started planning events for my sorority and other volunteer organizations and realized I enjoyed the entire process (not just the décor) so I decided to look for a job planning events,” said Goodwin.

Some advice that has helped her along with her career was to make herself irreplaceable.

“Take on and excel at the projects no one else wants to do,” Goodwin states,”teach yourself to do them well and you’ll be in an enviable position.”

Goodwin has always had that desire to succeed and go far. At 18 she had a severe case of senioritis. But hey, didn’t we all?

She remembers being excited for college. During class she mentally decorated her dorm room. At night she looked through class catalogs and decided if she should reinvent herself of maybe give herself a new nickname. (Hey I did that. I went from Nicole to Nikki for like two years. But that is neither here or there.)The future was wide open and very exciting for her. She had less than a year before moving hundreds of miles away for college to a school where she knew no one.

At 25 she had to face her first real job in an office.  She realized like most 20 somethings, that  school never prepared her for real work. The politics, complicated teamwork and hierarchies were all new to her. Like most 20 somethings she was used to getting ahead by taking charge and speaking out but soon realized that doing that at 25 in an office can make her look cocky and immature.

“Going from a senior in college to a “kindergartner” in the work world is a big change,” Goodwin states.

Before that experience at 21 she lived in England and studied for a year abroad. She began to see the world from an entirely new perspective without the lens of American culture.

Since then she has had a lot of “forks in the road” in terms of career moments. Her simple advice is to go with your guts and don’t play it safe but to remember its a fine line and sometimes there is no right or wrong choice.

“If you want to do something but maybe don’t know how you should do it anyways. You can always learn and sometimes the biggest risks pay off. Don’t play it too safe but don’t be totally reckless either. Just make the choice that makes the most sense at the time,” Goodwin advises.

Right now she is enjoying the fruits of her labor. She is living in a beautiful city, being challenged everyday at her job and has so many opportunities to grow.

“I am now starting a new life and new chapter in my career in the Bay Area. I feel like a kindergartener again,” exclaims Goodwin with a huge smile on her face.

She is going to continue to use her seniority and confidence to power herself through her new challenges. In her words, “hustle”.

Love, Peace and Whole Lot of Hugs,

– Nicole

An Interview with Ms. Megan Daniels


So, life is a crazy ride. During my crazy ride, I have met some awesome human beings. One of them, is Ms. Megan Daniels. Don’t worry, I just call her Megan, (I am not that weird). She is one of those people, that you don’t forget. She will dress up with you and dance the night away but she also would come over to your place in sweats with a bottle of wine and just relax. She is 23 and had to make a decision that most of us have to make in our lives. Should we leave a job because it makes us unhappy? In this economy would it be wise to leave a job, and of course people sometimes do look down on you for quitting. But if you are anything like Megan, you can take on anything.

Below are her answers to some of my questions. Enjoy!


1) When you were 18 and starting college where did you think you were going to be at 23?

When I look back now, I realize how much any person can change in just a matter of time. Long story short, when I was 18, I was a History major considering becoming and International Relations major with a minor in Spanish. I have always been interesting in Central and South America, and had imagined that by the time I was 23 if I had followed this career path, I would work as an intern at the United Nations (UN). Areas of focus that I would have pursued would have been business development and/or sustainability. I would have also considered environmental work if it was closely related to business or sustainability.

2) While sitting at your graduation, what were you thinking?

I had a lot of thoughts going through my head that day, which was a good thing because the graduation ceremony took HOURS. I thought about all the people I knew that had gone to college like I had, but for one reason or another, dropped out or delayed their college education. I thought about my friends and acquaintances, whether they had a set goals or not, who I knew were going to be in college long after they had started. I contemplated how many people in the graduating audience were like me, who wish they had taken an extra semester or year to make sure they made the right personal and educational decisions while they were in college. I had felt that I had taken my educational almost too seriously, and did not take enough time to enjoy more opportunities that, really, you can only say you did when you were a college student. Towards the end of the ceremony, I felt reassured as well as worried, because I realized that regardless of how my college experience went and where I was going to go from their on my life path, there were so many people in our younger generation that are going to have a more difficult time pursuing and obtaining the same opportunities and education that I was able to have. Whether or not I took advantaged or not of them, at least I knew that they were available to me.

3) What do you think is the one misleading thing older generations think of us?

Older generations do not think our generation or young people “have our act together”. We are taking longer to graduate, get married, have careers, buy our first place, have their grandchildren they can spoil rotten and hand back to us right after to take care of, etc. I think more people in the older generations now have the understanding to believe that there is a direct correlation between the economy now and the procrastination of the conventional American lifestyle. I do not think that is enough information for it to be the ONLY reason we do not “have our act together”. I think as an overall society, their needs to be an acceptance that starting at our generation we have become less institutionalized. They see nonconformity as bringing about the outcasts, menaces, and hoodlums that society shunned down upon. We see nonconformity as the thought-process that resulted in Facebook, Apple Inc., Google, etc. that changed the world that all of us live in. When our younger generation takes more time to “have our act together”, it is really because we want to explore and expand the opportunities in the world, and realize that everything else institutional will always be available to us.

4) You left your previous job because it was not a good fit. Describe the moment you realized you had to leave.

I realized I had to leave my job when I knew that my supporting management team was, well, not supportive at all. Every great person who has ever done anything has always done it with at least one other person or in a team. We are not as individualistic as society makes us to believe. We really do depend on the help and support of others to get to where we want to go or be in life. When it occurred to me that my management team was not going to be there to help me get to where I wanted to be, I figured there would be a million other support groups that would not mind being of assistance. If I could sum this all up and pass this on as advice, I would say, “Don’t cry over someone who won’t cry over you”. If they do not care enough about you, why do your best to care about what they want you to care about.

5) If you can write your own job description what would you write?

After much deliberation, I realized it would only be something you would post if we lived in Anarchy J (Not in a bad one with destruction and chaos, but one were we would all have to work together to make the world a better place)

6) How do you push yourself to do more?

If you were to look up the definition of “life”, you would most likely find it to be vague. The ambiguity only means that anything is possible because it will always fall into that definition. That is enough to keep me going.

7) Now describe life after graduation in one sentence.

What you just did for the first-fourth of your life will not be what you will do for the next three-fourths of your life J


Now, that’s it! Seven quick questions to get to know the fabulous Ms. Megan Daniels.

Love, Peace and Whole Lot of Hugs,

– Nicole